Proton Pack Kit

Looking to buy a proton pack kit?  Just click the PURCHASE link above!



Each Proton Pack kit comes with everything you see here:

  • The Mighty w/ preprogrammed MicroSD card
  • Two LED Modules w/ 6 in and 7.5 ft long ribbon cables
  • Powercell and bargraph (two sizes of bargraph to choose from – 1.5″ or 1.3125″ long)
  • Vibration motor w/ Mighty Switch module (+ mounting hardware)
  • 3W LED bulb w/ Mighty 12V module (for strobe effect)
  • Three toggle switches
  • Screen accurate red and black push-button switches
  • Efficient 5V switching regulator (installs inside your pack)

Proton Pack Kit parts

Mighty Proton Pack Kit parts

Here is an install I did:

proton pack with mighty microcontroller

Proton Pack w/ Mighty Micotrontoller Premium Proton Pack Kit

Ghostbusters Premium Proton Pack Kit voltage regulator

Cyclotron LEDs in Ghostbusters proton pack

Cyclotron LEDs in flashlight reflectors

Powercell LED module in proton pack

Powercell in Mighty Premium Proton Pack Kit

Lepai 2020a+ amplifier in Premium Proton Pack Kit

You provide the battery, amplifier, and speakers.

I reccomend:

  • The Lepai 2020a+ 40W amplifier ( or
  • Stinger ground loop isolator ( or
  • Pyle 4ohm 6.5″ and 4″ 3-way car speakers (
  • A 5000 or 6000 mAh LiPo battery with Turnigy Accucel 6 fast charger (
Budget Kit

The budget kit differs from the standard kit in that you get three LEDs for the strobe instead of an LED bulb, and no vibration motor.

Here is a picture of the budget strobe:


The budget strobe can also be purchased and used with the standard proton pack kit to add more color to your wand tip.

Here is a video of the budget strobe in action:

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