Here you will find firmware updates along with any other files you may need to upgrade your kit.


To install new firmware, simply delete the .BIN file from your SD card, and copy the new .BIN file onto it.  Then insert the card into the Mighty, and power it up. You will see the green status LED flash rapidly as the firmware is copied onto the device, and after a few moments, it will go solid.  Your kit will then boot as it does normally.


Proton Pack

  • Added 750ms delay to initialization sequence to allow amplifier time to power up before attempting to play any sound effects.
  • Created PACK086B.BIN – An alternative version which swaps bargraph animations for the standby and ready-to-fire modes.
  • First release version.


Ghost Trap

Coming soon!


Slime Blower

Coming soon!


Predator Gauntlet

Coming soon!